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Simple ways to apply for a job

The job application procedure is the simplest, even though different companies have different rules and regulations. However, you must complete two important things regardless of the company you are applying for: a cover letter and a resume. You can use your resume to apply to as many companies as you wish, provided the job profile is the same. But, it is advised to use personalised cover later each time you apply for a job.

Once done writing your cover letter and resume, ask a few trusted people to read and share their opinion and correct any mistakes. To successfully apply for a job, follow some of the simple steps below.

Apply for a job you are comfortable with

Many people are applying for jobs randomly, not knowing what they want or what skills they have in a particular field. Applying for any job just so you can make easy money is not recommended. This is because you will be doing something new or something you lack skill in and end messing everything up. Nothing can hurt more than being hired and fired the same month even before you enjoy your first salary. Always apply for jobs you have studied or have the skills required.

Contact the company in question

Some companies offer forms to be filled out as a way to complete the application process. Therefore, the best way is to contact the company and talk to HR. This way, you will know whether you need an application form or not. If the company doesn’t require you to fill out any form, well and good. However, if they need one, get it from them online or where they will send you to get it, fill it out and send it back.

If you must fill out the form online, do it and submit it. Submitting the form personally is advised since it makes a better impression on the employer.

Make follow-ups

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Once you have filled out the forms and are done with all the paperwork with your cover letter and resume, follow up regularly. If the company likes your profile, they will call you for an interview. You should know earlier to be ready for it.

In the event you don’t get a call back after submitting your papers, you should not hesitate to call them back. Avoid everyday calls since it may portray a bad image of you. You only need to keep in touch with them to get the first opportunity in case there is an opening in the company.


It is always important to do according to the company policy, rules and regulations when applying for a job to stand a chance among other applicants. Therefore, if the company requires you to fill out a form in addition to the cover letter and resume, then do as they direct. If they want applicants to submit their papers via email, submitting them personally won’t look good. Most companies expect candidates to apply for a job by following their instructions properly.

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