The presence of the wolf (and of the great predators) for the exploitation of the territory

In the suggestive setting of the Val Masino, hosted by the Polyphonic Center of the Mountain of Filorera, Municipality of Valmasino (SO), the subject was large carnivores but not in terms of damage but of touristic potentiality.

Life Wolfalps, LIFE DINALP, Pasturus Project, DifesAttiva and LIFE Medwolf have brought their experience in terms of tourist proposals linked to the presence of wolf, bear and lynx, highlighting their key factors and success factors. Speaking of brands, the experience of DifesAttiva and other animal-related projects have highlighted that   product promotion should be a bottom-up process promoted first by breeders and their associations. The products must remain connected with a strong sense of identity with the territory to have a character of uniqueness. For land-use initiatives linked to the presence of large carnivores such as theme treks, snow-tracking in search of tracks (snow tracking), excursions in search of presence clues and visits to the mountains, the evocation of strong emotions (eg. Predatory presence, feeling of great commitment from breeders, etc.) has proved to be a crucial factor in the success of the initiative.In practical terms, instead, participants, by comparing their own experiences, agreed that paying a stake for participation in the initiative is responsible to the participant in order to minimize the risk of last-minute defection.

Still far away, at least in Italy, since realizing the true potential of bear, wolf and lynx in terms of tourism - and therefore economic and educational -   the experiences presented by the workshops demonstrated that a path in this direction has begun. By highlighting the strengths and weaknesses that emerged from their experiences, coordinated work between different projects can optimize the efficiency of tourism proposals by favoring their success.

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