Press Conference

The Portuguese conference was attended by Chiara Braschi (IEA-Italy), the international coordinator, Simone Ricci, technical director of the project’s scientific committee (IEA-Italy), Francisco Fonseca (Grupo Lobo, FCUL), national coordinator, Fernanda Simões (INIAV) and Luis Pinto Andrade (IPCB - ESACB), representatives of partner institutions. This international project aims to reduce the conflict between the presence of wolves and human activities. It is developed in the districts of Guarda and Castelo Branco, in Portugal, and in the province of Grosseto, in Italy.

The project, which unfolds over four and a half years, will intervene at different levels, from scientific research, to awareness education in schools and the dissemination of correct information about the predator. Above all, it will contribute to prevent wolf damage on livestock, supporting the use of predator-proof fences, quality livestock guarding dogs and promote an adequate livestock management, reducing the risk of wolf attacks.

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