Presentation of the final results of the monitoring and the genetic analysis

The LIFE + MEDWOLF project staff, that ended on 30 November 2017, completed the processing of data collected during the activities and wants to share the latest updated information with citizens.
On March 28, at 9.30, at the Pegaso hall of the Province administration, Piazza Dante in Grosseto, the project manager Valeria Salvatori and other staff members will meet the media and the public  and will provide all the information that came from the integration of data on the presence of canids on the provincial territory, damages to livestock and prevention measures. The final results offer a complex picture of the situation, with a definitive evaluation of the packs present on the provincial territory and the estimate of the population of predators. The results of genetic analysis will also be presented, to date back to the percentage of wolf-dog hybrids. A brief description of the activities that will be carried out in the future by the project partners will follow.

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