Predation Manciano: Medwolf Project is seeking solutions

During the night of Tuesday, the 10th of October, the company of Fabio Toccaceli suffered the second predation within the fence that has been installed according to the instructions provided by the LIFE Medwolf project technicians. As a result of the first predation, project technicians installed photographic traps that identified, for at least five times, a large predator around the fence.

"The breeder immediately called us - said Valeria Salvatori, who is responsible for the Medwolf project - and with him, we agreed on what to do. First of all, at least one point will have to lift the fence because the ground is slightly sloping and then we will also insert an additional barrier outside the fence to prevent the predator from taking a sufficient run to jump the wire mesh. We would not have expected such an episode, but unfortunately, we must consider that the phenomenon of predation is very complex, situations are dynamic and should be studied and resolved together with the breeder.

It is very important to establish a relationship with the breeder because only by addressing the problems together it is possible to find solutions. This last episode teaches us not to take anything for granted and, while having an exceptional character, it must serve as a warning to all the breeders to maintain and raise the level of guarding. "

It underly the importance of eliminating points where the fences are lower than 180-200 cm since, unfortunately, as the episode teaches us, predators quickly learn strategies to cross the barriers.



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