Palalupo calls, DifesAttiva replies

Three days of excursions, presentations, educational activities with children, and an opportunity for Difesattiva to present to the public the world of shepherds explaining the uniqueness and specific issues that professionals in this industry face each day and their great commitment to finding new and effective solutions. On this occasion, DifesAttiva has become a precious communication tool, creating a contact and dialogue between those who do not know the ancient and special pastoral world and those who live in this world.

"Many times, the urban world, the farthest from ours, judges us without knowing us, and therefore the best opportunity for this," explains Luisa Vielmi, technical director of the DifesAttiva project, "so thank the National Foreste Casentinesi National Park for contacting us and for inviting us at the Wolf Appennine Center for allowing us to enter the Palalupo to bring our experiences, sometimes hard, sometimes with a very happy ending for our livestock and our companies but which are our daily in which we are committed to finding a balance based on our virtuosity and our agricultural products. Special thanks also to our friends at the Kamishibai Theater with Spezzaferro, an ancient tale. "

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