Meeting on wolf management in the province of Grosseto

The 5th and 6th of June a meeting was held in Grosseto to wich partecipated different stakeholders to discuss abouth the wolf management in the province of Grosseto. The workshop, organized by the LIFE Medwolf project, highlighted the principal aspects of the management context of the Grossetan territory, and it was an extraordinary opportunity to compare experience of people with different ideas and values.

"We are determined to continue a path that can bring something constructive to the Grossetan area," said Valeria Salvatori, responsible for the LIFE Medwolf project. Technical tools that we have provided to breeders, are a guarantee, but they are not the only solution and they can not solve everything, the problem is complex and needs to be tackled thoroughly, first of all by listening to the people living in the area. We will continue the meetings and try to broaden this comparison. There are 10 people who have taken part in participatory work, belonging to the most interesting stakeholders: breeders, hunters, animalists and environmentalists." The comparison was made using a rigorous method already applied in other conflicting situations by international experts who were contacted by the project staff and found the situation in Grosseto particularly interesting. These experts, from the University of Aberdeen and Edinburgh, took part to the meeting providing suggestions on how to handle the many instances and observations that emerged during the two days of work.

"The conflict that developed in the province of Grosseto," explained Professor Steve Redpath, expert in managing wildlife conflicts, "has a social connotation that needs to be resolved through a path of involvement of the various parties, and asking for Everyone to listen to others before having a ready response. "

For the first time in Tuscany, the positions of people with different values and points of view were heard, and for the first time they shared despair, emotion, frustration, but also the desire to preserve the territories in which we live With the full awareness that nothing should be done without the involvement of those concerned.

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