Meeting about the Study and Conservation of the Iberian wolf

In the scope of the Med Wolf project, Grupo Lobo organized a training session that brought together the key players involved in the study, management and conservation of the Iberian wolf, and promoted the exchange of information and experiences, aiming to improve f conservation efforts of the species, particularly in the study area, where it is particularly threatened due to the fragmentation and isolation from the rest of the Iberian wolf population.

It also contributed to increase the knowledge about the use of innovative techniques for the study of the wolf, such as forensic genetic analysis and the use of dogs for the detection of wolf presence.

Among the 47 participants, there were the researchers that have been studying the wolf in the region in the scope of the MedWolf Project, agents from the national and local SEPNA-GNR, the technicians and wardens of Natural Protected Areas, members of a Spanish NGO, as well as dog and livestock breeders and students.

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