Learning how to fence

Students of the Agricultural Technical Institute "Leopold II" of Grosseto collaborating in setting up a prevention fence

A first meeting in the classroom has been dedicated to present to the students the project and the issues that Medwolf project deal with: cohabitation man/wolf, the problem of predation, the possible solutions to conserve wild species and at the same time protecting human activities. After this first stage of theory and the following discussion the students have entered in the heart of the project working actively in the field for the installation of a fence to prevent predation. "It was a big success" say the coordinators of the activity "the students are really very committed and so enthusiast that it was a pity to have only the morning at leisure." This experience has given an important opportunity to the students to get in direct contact with the concrete problems posed by the conservation of the wolf, understanding the work that Medwolf is doing in their area, and the issues to be considered to provide an efficiently and concrete help in the question of the coexistence between wolves and human activities.

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