Remote control for guard dogs

On August 16th 2017, in agreement with the livestock farm in Grosseto, DifesAttiva Association has launched an experimental project to monitor the movements of guard dogs responsible for the protection of herd against predators.

Two puppies, assigned by DifesAttiva to a farm that had been attacked twice during last spring, were equipped with GPS collars. The GPS device is attached to an app that can be easily downloaded to cellphone and / or PC. The dog's movements are then traced and recorded and, if necessary, the breeder intervenes to bring them back to the pasture, if they have gone beyond the limit within which they can visually access their livestock.

Furia and Fulmine, the two puppies donated by another Scansano breeder, had immediately shown a strong attachment to the livestock,but  with the passing of months and with rising temperatures, they were moving away, probably looking for less hot areas. Due to the density of vegetation at the edges of the pasture, dogs are difficult to follow with the naked eye: thanks to the new instrumentation, applied to puppies and a sheep, it is now possible to control them remotely. This procedure also allows to establish a relationship between the dog and the breeder, reducing the dog's distrust towards the owner. 

Using this cheap technology (it is worth not more than 100 Euros, including internet subscription) is a way to better manage prevention tools. It's important to remember that even if dogs are equipped with GPS collars, checking them directly on the field is very important.

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