Distribution of wolves in Grosseto Province

Preliminary data on the presence and distribution of wolf in Grosseto Province are presented this morning. The survey, conducted under the LIFE Medwolf project, began in March and ended in September 2017. The survey techniques used were: a collection of excrements for genetic analysis, photo-trapping and wolf howling technique.

Field activities were conducted in a significant portion of the territory, selected on the basis of a suitability model for the species, carried out in 2014 in the framework of LIFE Medwolf project. In particular, 3 distinct sectors were identified: the northern, southern and eastern part of Grosseto Province.

The results show the constant and stable presence of wolf throughout the monitored territory and the distribution of local flocks suggests that the species has occupied the entire available territory. There are 15 reproductive nuclei and 4 areas where the presence of 2 or more individuals was recorded, but no reproduction episodes were recorded. Data analysis is still in progress and there are other areas where the wolf is present, but further checks are needed to correctly classify the situation and to better define its presence in the provincial territory.

Once that the biological samples collected are examined, the genetic identity of animals will be better defined in order to estimate the presence of hybrid individuals. At present, based on the sightings data and the results of photo-trapping, we can state that some animals have been detected having characteristics attributable to hybridization. 


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