Disdain and anger for the barbarian killing of the canid at Monterotondo

With reference to the finding of a canid carcass in the area of ​​Suvereto, between the provinces of Grosseto and Livorno, Life + Medwolf project expresses all its disdain and a firm condemnation for the facts itself and for the indescribable mutilations suffered by the animal.

The Life + Medwolf project is aware that the Grosseto Forestry Carabinieri Group Command has already intervened at the venue for initiating investigations and for the rapid identifying the perpetrators of this barbaric action, unacceptable and absolutely condemned.

"We are working intensely - the project members explain - to try to address the problems associated with the presence of wolf in the territory, with the full awareness that the presence of the species causes conflicts and critical situations for those in those areas. However, these illegal actions are absolutely condemned and adequately pursued. To this end, we would like to emphasize that the only viable path is to work together to find shared solutions. We will continue to work to pursue these goals, positive on behalf of the results we are already achieved".

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