DifesAttiva at Festambiente

Until August 15th, it is possible to visit DifesAttiva stand hosted at Festambiente, the Legambiente International Festival, which this year focuses on civil economy.
In addition to music, cinema, children's facilities, debates, conferences and dining, at the exhibition space you will be able to know the network of breeders that use  livestock protection dogs, understanding the best ways to educate dogs and deepen the issues of LIFE Medwolf project "Best practice actions for wolf conservation in Mediterranean areas". At the DifesAttiva stand you can also sample the products of the farms that joined the association and understand how the local quality typical production brand of DifesAttiva affiliates works. Every day there are also games for children focused on the topics of the association: raw sheep wool processing, "good shepherd bag" production, role playing and ... much more!
The festival is located in Rispescia (Gr), at the doors of Maremma  Park and is open every day, until August, starting at 5.30 pm. Complete program: here.

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