CDP News italian version is online

CDP News is a magazine published by Grupo Lobo – partner of the Medwolf Project. The italian version is now available to facilitate the collaboration between specialists and improve the exchange of information between carnivore harm prevention.

The issue which has just been made available (other issues may be downloaded in english here: is dedicated to guard dogs, one of the most efficient preventative measures, which gets its share of criticisms.

Men have been employing dogs to defend their domestic animals since a long time, though nowadays, along with a radical change in the use of natural areas, dogs' presence in tourist areas poses new questions whose answers are all but easy. Do dogs remain an appropriate solution to the defense of livestocks in tourist areas or are there equally effective alternatives? Could numeric control of wolves be one of these? How can it be developed and which choises should be made to get an efficient management plan to livestock protection?

Find the answers on the 14th issue of CDP.

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