International symposium, Grosseto 9th of November 2017

The international symposium was held in Grosseto on 9/11/2017. The symposium was associated to two technical workshops held on 8/11/2017 about the evaluation of the efficacy of prevention measures and on the wolf population monitoring.

The symposium was intended to be directed to both scientific and management sectors, as well as to the local parties involved in the issues, particularly in Grosseto Province. There were around 250 participants.

The symposium included National and International sessions, and simultaneous translation was ensured. The experiences gained in Italy and in Europe in wolf management were presented. From the Italian side there were contributions from Piemonte, Emilia Romagna and Trentino Region, while at the European level there were presentation from Portugal and Switzerland.

The symposium was the right occasion to present the results of the LIFE Medwolf Project in Italy and Portugal.

All the presentations and the book of abstracts produced are now available on the project website.

The students of Agricultural Institute High School of Grosseto acted as press office for the symposium, and the students from the Tourist high school in Grosseto provided the buffet.

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