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“Soluzioniamoci” is online!

The new video made by Life Medwolf is now online. It’s a journey into the lands shared by men and wolves, guided by the voices of those who, everyday, has to deal with these animals.



Farmers from Casentino visit Medwolf farms

A few farmers from Casentino and a technical delegation from Parco nazionale Foreste casentinesi visited three Medwolf project farms.


Farm meeting about guard dog

On Monday October 3, 2016 a meeting and an exchange of experience about the use of guard dogs in ovine and bovine livestocks took place.


How to produce anti-predator systems

Tuscan farms may produce anti-predator systems (for example, nocturnal containment fences) or attain dissuasive tools. Learn how to do it.


Research about guard dogs efficacy takes off

In July a research about guard dogs efficacy and efficiency took off thanks to Life Medwolf project. Whoever owns guard dogs and would like to take part in the research may contact the project.


Wolf specialist ranking

Ranking of specialists accounting the presence of wolves in the territory of the Grosseto province.


Holidays with wolves

On July 7th, Grupo Lobo organized an activity for children from the Holy House of Mercy of Sabugal, in the village of Quadrazais (Sabugal).


Poisons – technical session with the municipal veterinaries from the centre region

Last June 22, Grupo Lobo and the ALDEIA association held a meeting on the issue of poisons, targeted to the municipal veterinaries in Portugal’s centre region.


Italian delegation Medwolf in Portugal

Last week, from the 23rd to the 27th May, an Italian delegation of the Medwolf project went to Almeida, in Portugal, to visit the 8 beneficiary companies of fences and watchdogs 


Visit to the Med-Wolf project

From the 23rd to the 27th of May, an Italian delegation from the Med-Wolf project ha been in the Guarda district, visiting 8 beneficiaries of this project and participating in a Press Conference.