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Distribution of wolves in Grosseto Province

This morning, in the Pegasus Hall of Grosseto Province, preliminary survey data from LIFE Medwolf project on provincial territory collected on field from March to September 2017 were presented. Using photo-trapping, excrements and wolf howling, 15 wolves packs were identified in Grosseto Province.



Presentation of Medwolf Preliminary Data

On the 25th of October, at 10am, in the Pegaso Hall of the Province of Grosseto, the preliminary data of the April-September 2017 monitoring activity will be presented.



Science Communication Congress - SciCom Pt 2017

Grupo Lobo participated in the SciCom Pt 2017 meeting, presenting several results of the Life Med-Wolf project, at the Science Museum, in Coimbra, on 12th and 13rd October.


Medwolf: on the canids hanged at Radicofani

Today, the bodies of two canids have been found hanging on the road sign of Radicofani, in the province of Siena. The LIFE + Medwolf project expresses all its disdain and condemns it in an absolute way.


Predation Manciano: Medwolf Project is seeking solutions

The second predation suffered by the company Toccaceli: Medwolf project immediately was on the field to agree with the farmer new measures of prevention. Photographic traps have identified for five times a large predator close to the fence.


Last meeting with stakeholders

This is the last meeting with stakeholders of the Medwolf project. On the 9th of November, the data will be exposed in the international symposium at the close of the project.



Summing-up time for the Life Med-Wolf project

The international coordinator of the Life Med-Wolf project, Valeria Salvatori (IEA-Italy), the technical director of the project’s scientific committee, Simone Ricci (IEA-Italy), and the national coordinator, Francisco Fonseca-Petrucci were present at the presentation of the provisional assessment of the project to the media, at the National Museum of Natural History and Science, in Lisbon, on 3rd October.


"Night Museum", in Pinhel

Silvia Ribeiro, Vice-President of Grupo Lobo, participated in Pinhel Municipality's "Night Museum" initiative and innaugurates two exhibitions.


Participation on the Observa Natura Fair 2017

Grupo Lobo was part of the 9th Edition of Observa Natura, from 15th to 17th of September, in Herdade da Mourisca (Setúbal).


Remote control for guard dogs

GPS collars and an app to always know where guard dogs and "their" sheep are: a simple system to increase herd protection