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Participation on the Observa Natura Fair 2017

Grupo Lobo was part of the 9th Edition of Observa Natura, from 15th to 17th of September, in Herdade da Mourisca (Setúbal).


Remote control for guard dogs

GPS collars and an app to always know where guard dogs and "their" sheep are: a simple system to increase herd protection


DifesAttiva at Festambiente

The exposition of DifesAttiva, the association formed by breeders that use prevention measures, is at the 29th edition of Festambiente, the international festival of Legambiente in Rispescia (Gr).


Sunset at the Wolf Trap – Ecotourism tour

Another ecotourism program took place on August 5th, in the Pinhel region.


Guard dogs and Beyond

The selection for "Cani da Guardiania and Beyond" is open: the photo competition promoted by DifesAttiva under the MEDWOLF LIFE 11NAT / IT / 069 MEDWOLF LIFE PROJECT, co-funded by the European Commission through the LIFE program.


The presence of the wolf (and of the great predators) for the exploitation of the territory

On the 3th and 4th of July 2017, a networking workshop was held, "The presence of wolf (and great predators) for the exploitation of the territory" that the LIFE WOLFALPS project has devoted to the theme of ecotourism.


Eco-Festival Salva a Terra 2017

From 22nd to 25th June, in Salvaterra do Extremo, municipality of  Idanha-a-Nova, the Eco-festival Salva a Terra took place. It was organized by the environmental NGO Quercus, with several concerts, workshops, conferences, Interpretive trails, theater plays and more.



Presentation of the cynophilist anti-poison team

At the headquarters of the Forestry Carabinieri of Follonica "Marsiliana" took place the presentation of the anti-poison cynophilist nucleus (NCA), established under the LIFE Medwolf project. Encounter and demonstrate the use of anti-poison dogs.


Meeting on wolf management in the province of Grosseto

Workshop, organized by the LIFE Medwolf project last June 5 and 6, on wolf management in the province of Grosseto. Participants were breeders, hunters, animalists and environmentalists. Listen to the positions and concerns of different subjects with different points of view.


Ecotourism Program

On June 10th, come spend a day with a farmer in the wolf’s dominion.