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Exhibitions in Pinhel

Exhibitions "Coexisting with Large Carnivores: the Challenge and the Opportunity" and "Looking at the wolf", in itinerancy by the parishes of the Pinhel municipality.



The staff of the Medwolf project is close to the Marras family whose daughter has today passed away. 


International Symposium MW

Grupo Lobo technicians and from Agricultural School of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco were at the International Symposium MedWolf, held in Grosseto on 9th November 2017, presenting the results of the LIFE MedWolf Project in Italy and Portugal.


Workshop on evaluation of damage prevention measures

Grupo Lobo participated in the organization of the workshop on evaluation of damage prevention measures, on 8th November, in Grosseto (Italy).


Fallow deer, dunes and lagoon wolves

The Medwolf project staff organize a free event to get to know predators and a State Nature Reserve, Feniglia.


Starting point for International symposium

The International Symposium on Prevention of Wildlife Damage is going on in these hours. Follow it online on Facebook and Twitter.


30 wolf experts having confrontation

The discussion at the Grosseto International Workshop on the evaluation of the effectiveness of prevention measures has been productive



LIFE Medwolf at the Maremma Natural History Museum

A week of wolf activity and workshops to introduce the LIFE Medwolf project to the students of the "Dante Alighieri" Middle School in Grosseto.



Palalupo calls, DifesAttiva replies

The "three days" of wolf activity in Bagno di Romagna, in the magic atmosphere of Casentino's forests, ended yesterday: an opportunity for DifesAttiva for telling to the public about the sheperds world.


New issue of CDP News online

Spring 2017 issue of CDP News is online: download it for info about Carnivore Damage Prevention