Interview to Valeria Salvatori about the problem of wolf and farming.

Interview to Valeria Salvatori on Radio24, about the problem of the defense of farms from predators attacks. Follows the link to listen to the interview.



Approved the ranking for prevention means.

It has been approved the ranking for assignation of prevention means against predators’ damages, as expected in the project Life+ Medwolf. They are a whopping 201, that is almost the half of the existing farms in Grosseto province, which are considered valid for this purpose. 


Finished the course for verifications of cattle damages.

On the 9th December is finished the training course for verification of cattle damages and for the management of the conflict farmers/predators. The course, divided in two modules, one on Tuesday 3rd December and the other on Monday 9th December, has been organized by Grosseto Province.


Second Meeting about the Study and Conservation of the Iberian wolf

Grupo Lobo held the second part of the Meeting “Study and Conservation of the Iberian wolf”, in Bragança, to promote the application of the knowledge obtained in the first meeting held in Sabugal.


The training course for verification of cattle damages is beginning.

Life + Medwolf: it’s about to begin the training course for verification of cattle damages.


Ostrich farm protected by the Life Med-Wolf Project

The MedWolf Project helped build  a wolf-proof-fence in an ostrich farm near Almeida, that had registered damages caused by wolves since 2012. 


"Lupi a metà": in Arcidosso a symposium to find out communal solutions against stray animals and hybridization wolf-dog.

On Friday 22nd November (beginning at 10), at the “Unanimi Theatre”, in Arcidosso, the event will gather the rural community, administrators and veterinary experts, together with project Ibriwolf partners. (source


Closed the announcement for the assignation of prevention means

Closed the announcement for the assignation of prevention means: around 200 the applications.  By the end of November 2013 the preliminary ranking of possible beneficiaries.


About to expire the announcement for prevention means

On 31st October have arrived at the Province Office already 70 applications: the announcement will expire on the 7th November.


Watchdogs: inspection performed

 Another step towards the start of the preliminary activities for the supply of systems prevention