A much-needed action plan

The Conservation of the Iberian Wolf Action Plan took its first steps on the 7th of April, at a meeting in Vila Real (northern Portugal). 


Medwolf project presented in Arenzano (Genova, IT)

The project Life Medwolf was presented at the seminar "The wolf conservation in protected areas: the state of knowledge, the initiatives and proposals", in the Regional Park of Beigua, Arenzano (Genova, IT).


Medwolf: Action E4 - networking with other projects

In February partners participated in several events throughout Italy. Read more about the specific locations and dates.


Where to visit the exhibition Medwolf in the province of Grosseto?

The Medwolf exibit is open for free in several places in the province of Grosseto. Read more to know where you can find it from January to August 2015.


Wolf and misinformation

Unfortunately more and more often to the word wolf binds a widespread and growing misinformation. A sort of baseless scaremongering, spreaded via web and newspapers. One of the latest examples is the news from the province of L'Aquila, where a man was attacked by a wolf in a petrol station. News promptly denied.


The maremma Sheepdog: a resource for the territory

The Province of Grosseto and the Institute of Applied Ecology (IEA) organize a seminar on the Maremma sheepdog at the Istituto Tecnico Agrario of Grosseto, on Saturday the 21st of February 2015. The event will explain the important resource of the guarding dog and its proper management by breeders.


CDP news: the second edition

The second edition of the newsletter "CDP News" (Carnivore Damage Prevention News) was published. It collects the experiences and comments of the world's leading experts on the subject of prevention against predator's attacks.


Killed wolves: convicted 12 guilty hunters

In January 2013 three wolves got poached in Western Finland. Today the local court announced 1 year and 2 months conditional sentence of imprisonment to 12 hunters, who also lost the right to hunt for 4 years. Defenders' main point was that the killed animals were hybrids but fortunately we have genetic analysis results today.


Tuscan Region: refund of 300 thousand euros

Tuscan Region refunds 300 thousand euros to farms damaged by predators in the area of Grosseto. An important step for farmers victim of predations.


New project for predation reduction

A new project to prevent and reduce herd predation and, at the same time, to protect wolf. The provincial offices of Grosseto, Siena and Arezzo join forces and Tuscan Region finances their actions.