Goodbye Max

The project's staff loses one of its members, Massimiliano Rocco, who recently had a heart attack while he was working.


International exchange of experiences for Medwolf

Experts from France have visited the Medwolf project between the 1st and the 13th of November to evaluate the possibility of carrying out monitoring activities for the behaviour of watchdogs who were given with the Medwolf project. 


GPS collars for watchdogs

With the GPS collars, it will be possible to evaluate the behaviour of watchdogs in the cattle. This activity is carried out thanks to the cooperation of some breeders who activly took part in our activities.  


Have you ever visited the Medwolf exhibit?

Come visit for free the exhibition of the Medwolf project on the coexistence between predators and human activities and how to mitigate the damage for cattle in the National Centre for Sustainable Development of Legambiente, Rispescia (GR), near the Parco naturale della Maremma.


Whatchdogs: Medwolf's first brood

The first brood of a couple of watchdogs who were given by the Medwolf project. The two dogs, Tiburzi and Neve have given life to a beatiuful brood of watchdogs. They were born on the 30th of October and they will be given to other zootechnical companies to protect their cattle.   


Two workshops on watchdogs were carried out

In Castelo Branco (Portugal), from the 19th to the 21st of October, an international workshop on the use and evaluation of watchdogs for the protection of domestic cattle was carried out. In Rome, on the 29th of October, a meeting on the use of dogs was held. 


Medwolf monitoring in Manciano

The last 2 testings to fixed and movable fences in two companies in Manciano and Saturnia, carried out by the technocians of the project, both had a positive outcome.


Ecotourism Program – One Day with the shepherd

On October 31 and November 1, the second ecotourism activity under the scope of the Life MedWolf project took place. A tour that included different activities and provided much interaction between family, friends and livestock breeding practices. 


Livestock guarding dogs bring scientists from three continents to Castelo Branco

Between October 19 and 21, some of the leading international experts in livestock guarding dogs were in Castelo Branco for the "LGDs - From tradition to modernity: How to assess, Improve and innovate" meeting.


Medwolf monitoring in Sorano

Medwolf inspections go on. A movable fence was monitored at the Morittu company and so was a fixed fence at the Mucciarelli company, both in Sorano (GR).